A bitter beginning

Rachel opened the show a few weeks ago with a Rachel-classic. For she’d been seduced in International Foods by a bobbly green sausage. “It’s a karela!” she squealed, as I questioned what this alien object was in the fridge. After 5 minutes of Googling, she was able to further inform me that a karela is also known as a bitter melon, and with the clue in the name, the vegetable can be unbearably bitter.

And so, after finding a recipe which is intended to reduce the karela’s bitterness, Rachel got to work in the kitchen. Mustard seed, heaps of sugar, and various spices later, Rachel served the karela as a side dish to our dinner. Chris moved in first, and pulled an odd face. Rachel followed and let out a giggle. I decided to be brave and took two pieces with my spoon. And coughed in disgust as this sickly sweet bitter flavour took over my mouth.

The rest of it was put back into the fridge just in case ‘someone gets hungry’. Needless to say, the bowl was in the exact same place 2 weeks later.

Verdict: No matter how amazingly bobbly it might be, just avoid the karela at all costs.


Forgot to take a photo of the beautiful thing, so had to steal this one from another blog, who incidentally loves a bit of bitter melon…

Introducing the Munching Mooses

Welcome to The Munching Mooses’ Noteworthy Noms. We are 5 students who live together. One of our housemates is a crazy vegetarian. Another one of our housemates enjoys visiting the local International Foods shop and coming out with the craziest looking vegetable she can find, with not a clue how to cook it. Another housemate receives Abel & Cole boxes from her lovely auntie and has no idea what lies inside until she opens the box. And the other two housemates are crazy in their own right but heroically endure the vitamin-filled concoctions that are placed in front of them.

We’ve decided to document and share our green discoveries, whether they are culinary successes or utter disasters, because it gives us something to do other than write essays or read books.

We are called the Munching Mooses because we believe no house is complete without a flying moose hanging in their hallway.